We proudly offer our hosting services on by GNU/Linux-based servers and strongly support the Open Source Software community.

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CIS-Host.com provides high-quality, reliable hosting services for small businesses. We serve a limited number of clients at any time, working individually with each to determine their specific needs, before designing customized solutions that are robust, flexible and backed by exceptional customer service. CIS-HOST.com has been providing hosting satisfaction on the web since 2007, and continues to enjoy a nearly 100% retention rate among its customers. Partner with us today, and find out why CIS-HOST.com is the best choice for getting your small business online.

Personal Service

CIS-HOST customers benefit from highly personalized service in every aspect of their web hosting experience, from the initial deployment of their website on our servers to the enhancements and upgrades that come with growth. Because we limit the number of clients we serve at any time, we are able to offer a level of individual attention and care that others can not match. If getting it right the first time is important to your small business, consider hosting with CIS-HOST.com

High Availability

CIS-HOST customers are connected to the Internet via several peering partners to ensure continuous Internet connectivity, greater route diversity, and ultimately, enhanced Internet performance. This combination allows customer traffic to be routed over the best available connections. The datacenter facility is backed up and protected by UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems on each individual rack, as well as a system for facility-wide enterprise coverage. Translation: Your website is up and running smoothly.

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For more information on how CIS-HOST.com can help you and your business online, please send an email to: . We look forward to working with you!